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Khao Lak communities

Mainly as a result of the 2004 tsuanmi, many local community groups have been set up to help recovery and generate local income.

Home Stay and activities
Ban Nam Sai, Lam Kaen

After the tsunami many of the local villagers' homes, close to the original Khao Lak beach at Lam Kaen, were destroyed. Many villagers also lost their livelihood ( working as fishermen, working on rubber plantations or working in the tourist industry).

Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol saw to the construction of new houses for those affected in a new community development. She gave the new name, Baan Nam Sai, (meaning clear water) to this Lam Kaen community, located at Moo 2 Tambon Lam Kaen. Ban NamSai is close to Ban Khao Lak.

Ban Nam Sai

A community-based tourism group has been formed to generate household income and they have created a home stay initiative. This is one of the best ways a visitor can gain authentic insight into the local culture and daily way of life of Lam Kaen villagers.

There are also several activities offered - treking, batik workshops, long-tail boat trips and seasonal activities such as rice planting.

Contact: Metinee Mongkon
Address: Moo 2 Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 081-083-6065

Seafood Processing group
at Thap Lamu

A small local group, mainly housewives, have set up the Seafood Processing Group in order to create an income-generating, local industry for tsunami affected villagers. The processed seafood includes dried squid and dried fish.

Contact: Karuna Sintawee
Address: Moo 5 Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 081- 079-1122

Ancient Coffee
at Lam Kaen

Lam Kaen means 'river of strength' . The river implies the centre of the community. Hence the name really means 'centre of strength'. The main occupation of the Lam Kaen sub-district is agriculture, such as rubber tree farming, palm tree cultivation, orchards and garden crops. But coffee trees have been planted here since 1997.

Due to stagnant coffee prices, the group decided to set apart their coffee and make a brand to add value to the product. The result was the Thung Tong Ancient Coffee Product made of fresh Robusta coffee beans, which are traditionally planted.

Thung Tong ancient coffee product

This ancient coffee product is aromatic and full of robust flavour, and it has been registered for copyright.

Contact: Rungrueng Jariyalerpong
Address: 79/4 Moo 3 Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel:. 076-443432     Fax:. 076-437143

Artificial flowers
Baan Nanai Tung Mapraow group

Back in the days of 1980 and 1984, Baan Nanai Tung Mapraow was awarded a first-prize for Example Village.

This group produces and sells artificial flowers made of stocking. The attractive properties of these artificial flowers are natural colors, durability, and ease of care and cleaning.

The products are sold within the community and also distributed to many events and festivals, such as the Turtle Releasing Festival, and the Provincial Governor Road Show.

Tung Mapraow articifical flowers

The group produces various kinds of flowers, such as orchids, lilies, carnations, lotus blossoms, roses, and jasmine.

Contact: Rattana Cherdjim
Address: Baan Nanai School, Tung Mapraow, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82120
Tel: 086-270-9572

Sewing group
at Thap Lamu

The Tablamu Sewing Group was formed by Thap Lamu Navy-based housewives. This group sews clothes for the Thai Navy under Yudhapon Sewing Group. Their products include:- squabs, bags, batik shirts, aprons, handkerchiefs

Contact: Preeda Sak-in
Address: Moo 5 Lamkaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 081-538-5431

Baan Tha Din Daeng
Tourism Community at Lam Kaen

These villagers work in agriculture and fishery. Din Daeng means 'red soil'. Baan Tha Din Daeng has the potential to serve as an alternative getaway for tourists who seek a more eco-focused adventure in a pristine, natural environment.

This community offer tours rather than homestay. Nonetheless, tourists are certain to appreciate observing and learning about the traditional way of life from a native Tha Din Daeng villager during the tour.

Ban Tha Din Daeng activities

Ban Tha Din Daeng activities

The tours cover:-     swimming in Nayak mountain area, hydroponic vegetable plantation visit, community forest visit, old tin mine site visit, white snapper fish farm, longtail boat trip to see mangrove forest, community forest plantation, batik workshop, rubber tapping.

Contact: Habideen Waharak
Address: Moo 4, Tambon Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82120
Tel: 084-991-1529

Chilli Paste group
at Baan Lam Kaen

Three kinds of chilli pastes are produced: Spicy sour curry, black curry and spicy red curry. The chili paste costs 80 Baht per kilogram and most of the products are sold within the community.

Contact: Ruengsak Konsab
Address: Moo 3, Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 081-892-0711

Occupational Group
at Baan Bang Khaya
Khuk Khak district

The group was formed by Tsunami survivors in response to the diminished levels of income generated by the rubber tree plantation and tourism during the rainy season. The group has been trained in basic batik-making skills by the Department of Social Development and Welfare and then introduced to sewing by the Department of Skill Development.

The groupís products continue to evolve and the members continue to hone their craft-making skills. Bang Khaya batik is unique because of their exotic lines and pattern techniques. Furthermore, there is an artist who produces abstract work on a parquet that reflects the sorrow and sense of loss resulting from the Tsunami disaster.

Baan Bang Khaya group

Products include:-
bags, dresses, beach shirts, beach covers, table clothes, place mats, pillow covers, bed sheets and cards

Contact: Jittra Somporn
Address: Moo 2 Khuk khak, Takuapa, Phang-nga 82190
Tel: 089-472-7338

Baan Pakpu group
Mao, Kapong

This group of agricultural housewives feature on batick, and chilli paste.

Contact: Boonsom Meekerd
Address: 59/3 Moo 3, Tha Na, Kapong, Phang-nga 82170
Tel: 085-791-2686

Fisher Folk group
at Lam Kaen

This group, with funding, have set up a Dock and Pier for small fishing boats (long tail fishing boats), and is known as the Lam Kaen Fishing Pier and Boat Repair Centre.

These fishermen traditionally use long-tail boats for fishing. They rely on simple equipment such as ring nets, rattan traps or simple fishing rods to haul in their catch.

The group consists of local fishermen from Baan Tha Din Daeng, Baan Tao Tan, Baan Thap Lamu, Baan Bang Niang and Baan Khao Lak.

Lam Kaen Boat Repair centre

This Centre facility helps to restore stability in the lives of those affected by the Tsunami, and provides the fishermen with a safe and cost-effective place to dock and repair their boats, unload fresh fish and eventually attract tourists.

Contact: Chuan Sipanung
Address: Moo 5 Lam Kaen, Tai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 087-888-8328

Baan Pakpu Handicraft group
Mao, Kapong

During the tin mining era in Baan Pakpu, the Chinese imported their traditional bamboo hats to protect workers from the sun and rain. Later, Pakpu villagers began using a local material, Bai Rom Khao, for the hats, instead of bamboo. The Bai Rom Khao hat is much more durable due to its long, tapering, sticky, sturdy leaf. It lasts for at least two years, whereas the bamboo ones only last for about eight months.

In 1997, the community organized a Bai Rom Khoa hat-making workshop in the Kapong district.

Bai Rom Khao hats

Bai Rom Khao hats

More recently Bai Rom Khao hats now come in more designs. The range has also been expanded to include many types of baskets, lamps and souvenirs (in miniture form).

Contact: Wattana Sisawate
Address: 59/3 Moo 3, Tha Na, Kapong, Phang-nga 82170
Tel: 085-791-2686

Baan Nanai Bang Thong group
at Lam Kaen

Baan Nanai Bangthong group was developed in 1999 by the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. It is registered as a community enterprise. The group produces three kinds of chilli paste:- spicy sour curry, black curry and coconut milk curry. Most of the ingredients are bought locally.

Contact: Mayura Kuntanond
Address: Moo 11, Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 081-788-6848

Baan Tha Din Daeng
Batik group

This Batik group was founded in 2006.

Their batik and batik products are: cloth, fisherman pants, handkerchiefs, t-shirts, scarves and picture frames.

Din daeng batik group

Contact: Santana Kulay
Address: 27 Moo4, Tambon Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82120
Tel: 076-572073, 085-471-8258

Local handicraft groups
- Bo Dan Boat Models -
- Nikom Pattana Bullrush -

BoDan Boat Models
The group was founded by Mr. Sobe Sompon in August 2007. He was inspired by his father who was a boat builder. For the previous two years he worked alone initially using basic tools until he was funded to acquire more professional equipment.

Bo Dan boat models

Bo Dan boat models

Currently, the group constructs many kinds of local boat models - eg. local fishing boats, barges, minesweepers, dredgers, etc. The products are guaranteed Thai Community Product Standard.

Contact: Sobe Sompon
Address: 21/12 Moo 7 Natoey, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 089-728-7306

Nikom Pattana Bullrush group
Historically the bullrush plant has been made into household products such as mats and rice baskets for decades.

It is now being made into more decorative wares and souvenirs, and their product line has evolved according to market demand.

nikom pattana bullrush group

Currently, the group produces bags, mats, baskets, and place mats. Product development is based on local customs and uses contemporary motifs, resulting in high-style, local products.

Contact: Lee Sungmekha
Address: 97 Moo 10 Tung Mapraow, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 086-281-9253

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