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Ban Nam Sai
(Lam Kaen)
Baan Thap Lamu

Home Stay and activities
Ban Nam Sai, Lam Kaen

Note that in many hotels, especially the high end ones, the actual Reservation staff only work on Mondays to Fridays 08.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs local time. These time restrictions can be rather unfortunate if someone has queries prior to arrival, but that is just the way it is.

After the tsunami many of the local villagers' homes, close to the original Khao Lak beach at Lam Kaen, were destroyed. Many villagers also lost their livelihood ( working as fishermen, working on rubber plantations or working in the tourist industry).

Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol saw to the construction of new houses for those affected in a new community development. She gave the new name, Baan Nam Sai, (meaning clear water) to this Lam Kaen community, located at Moo 2 Tambon Lam Kaen. Ban NamSai is close to the original village of Ban Khao Lak.

Ban Nam Sai

A community-based tourism group has been formed to generate household income and they have created a home stay initiative. This is one of the best ways a visitor can gain authentic insight into the local culture and daily way of life of Lam Kaen villagers.

There are also several activities offered - treking, batik workshops, long-tail boat trips and seasonal activities such as rice planting.

Contact: Metinee Mongkon
Address: Moo 2 Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: 081-083-6065

Chulabhorn Marine Park Conservatory Centre

Chulabhorn Marine Park Conservatory Centre is situated inside the Third Fleet of the Royal Thai Fleet, Ban Thap Lamu, Tambon Lam Kaen. It was established by the Phang-nga Naval Base with an aim to provide knowledge about underwater resources for tourists and the public. It is a 2-storeyed building exhibiting the significance of natural resources, marine environment, and slide multi-vision presentation on the Andaman Underwater. The Centre is open daily during 8.30 a.m. 3.00 p.m. Admission is free. Accommodation is also available; please call Tel. 076 595170, 076 595090.

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Home stays

(Ban Nam Sai, Lam Kaen)

Moo 2 Lam Kaen, Thai Muang, Phang-nga 82210
Tel: +66 081-083-6065
Contact: Metinee Mongkon

Chulabhorn Marine Park Conservatory centre

(near Thap Lamu pier)

Thap Lamu,
Tambon Lam Kaen
Tel: +66 76 595090, 595169-70

13 rooms
400 - 600 baht
Thap Lamu Andaman resort

(Thap Lamu)

11/35 Mu 5 Tambon Lam Kaen
Tel: +66 76 595255   Fax: +66 76 443350

21 rooms
500 - 800 baht
Thap Lamu Resort

(near Thap Lamu pier)

(near) Thap Lamu Pier,
Tambon Lam Kaen
Tel mobile: +66 89 872 1295

approx 10 bungalows

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